Oswaldo Montenegro

Oswaldo Viveiros Montenegro

Also known as O. Montenegro

Short biography of Oswaldo Montenegro: Oswaldo Viveiros Montenegro (Rio de Janeiro, March 15, 1956) is a Brazilian musician. In addition to being a singer, Montenegro has composed soundtracks for plays, ballets, film and television and were married to actress Paloma Duarte. It has one of the stronger partnerships MPB beside Madalena Salles, accompanying with their flutes.

Born in the neighborhood of Grajau, Oswaldo is an exceptional case of early music. Having never studied music regularly, from early childhood began to be influenced by it. First, in his parent's home in Rio de Janeiro: her mother and her parents played piano, his father played guitar and sang.

The second influence was stronger. At age eight, he moved with his parents to São João del Rei, a mining town and bohemian poetry, where the serenades happened every night and people joined friends at home to spend the nights playing and singing. At the same time Oswald was attracted to the music of the baroque churches. At this time, he had guitar lessons with one of the city serenaders and composed his first song, Lenheiro, name of the river that runs São João del Rei. He won a music festival with just 13, in Rio de Janeiro, where he returned to live.

The decision to become a professional musician came with the move to Brasilia in 1971. In the federal capital, began to make contact with festivals and theater groups and dance student. He made his first concert at age 17 and a decision to live music has become final. He moved back to Rio, but had already adopted Brazil as the land of his heart and constant theme of his work. Also preferred partners were friends he made there, as José Alexandre, Mongol and Madalena Salles, among others.

It was also in Brasilia who came into contact with classical music concerts in the Teatro Nacional. Do not just watch the concert with his musician friends, including the Maestro Octavio Maul and Prista Tavares family, but enters the nights talking about musical technique and theory. Autodidact, devouring books on music history.

From there, living in Rio, but with eyes and heart put into Brasilia, his career took off. Music has ranked in the final of the Festival da Canção of Rede Globo, the first national impact that participates (1972), wrote and staged his first musical (1974-1975), released three albums in three years (1975-78) and wins TV Tupi Festival with his first blockbuster, Bandolins (1979).

In 1980, participates in and wins, the MPB 80 Festival of the Globo Television Network with the song "Agonia", from his childhood friend Mongol. Even with so much success, decides to return to Brasilia to set up in 1982, another musical show, "Veja Você, Brasilia", with local artists. Participate in this show the unknown Cassia Eller and Zelia Duncan. After this, would other parts of musical theater, a particularly well marked in the trajectory of a Brazilian musician and rescues an abandoned way of distributing music in the first half of the 20th century. More than 14 musical pieces, all public record and some, like "Noturno", "A Dança dos Signos" and "Aldeia dos Ventos", are on display for over 15 years and assemblies throughout the country.

In 1985 he participated in the Festival dos Festivals, also by Rede Globo, with the music "O Condor" with the accompaniment of a choir of 25 black singers. By 2006, they are 34 records. Their compositions are interpreted by Ney Matogrosso, Sandra de Sá, Paulinho Moska, Zé Ramalho, Alceu Valença, Zizi Possi, Zelia Duncan, Jorge Vercilo, Altemar Dutra, Gonzaguinha, Sivuca, Tania Maya, among others. Even the actress Gloria Pires sang in a special appearance on his record (1985).

In 1994, Oswaldo released his first book - O Vale Encantado - a children's book, the same year appointed by the MEC, through the University of Brasilia, to be adopted in schools for a degree. In 1997, adapting the book to video.

In 1995 released the CD "Aos Filhos dos Hippies" featuring Carlos Vereza and Geraldo Azevedo.

In 1997, Oswaldo finds Roberto Menescal. During the conversation, there is the theme of "MPB lyrics are true poems." Hence the idea of ​​the CD "Letras Brasileiras". Menescal produces the CD, which is released the same year, and participates in the tour of the show. 97 Also in the video recording and releasing "O Vale Encantado" which tells the cast with the participation of Zico, Roberto Menescal, Fafy Smith, Luisa Parente, Maya and Tanya Salles Magdalene. It has also launched a CD of the same name. Spear, also in that same year, the CD of the show "Noturno" by Tai Human Talent Consultancy and Quality.

In 1998 he received the title of honorary citizen of Brasilia, awarded by the Legislative Assembly of Federal District. That same year, Oswaldo back to theatrical productions. Reassembles "Leo E Bia", a version more mature and consistent with the position that he currently has that story. Records self-titled CD, also with Menescal. Mounts, even with a cast of Brasilia, the 2nd version of "Aldeia dos Ventos".

In 1999, presents three shows at the Arena Theatre in Rio de Janeiro: "Leo E Bia," "A Dança dos Signos" and the upcoming "A Lista" with the participation of actress Barbara Borges and the singer Rafael Greyck, casting, this season, the last 2 CDs.

In 2000, celebrates the 20-year career with the show "20 Anos de Histórias" and the CD "Letras Brasileiras Ao Vivo" and "Escondido No Tempo". It is dedicated also to the series "Só Para Colecionadores" by independent CDs of very limited edition, sold only via Internet. This year fans create their first virtual fan club, the OMOL (Oswaldo Montenegro Online), where admirers of his work through a Web site and later in ORKUT, get together to chat and interact on his work and the work artists who worked with him. In Florianópolis rides the musical legends of the island with over 50 local artists including Paulinho Dias and Cleiton Profeta do Circus Musicalis.

In 2001 SP rides on the play "A Lista" with the participation of Bruno Di Tullio and Mayara Magri in the cast.

In 2002 launched the CD "Estrada Nova" tour which hit a record attendance. This cd is recorded new songs together with Mongol.

In 2003 rewrites the trail of a new "Aldeia dos Ventos".

In 2004 launched the CD "Letras Brasileiras 2", in partnership with Roberto Menescal, plus a "Tipos" on Canal Brasil, which portrays with music, text and animated, human types as the fat dancer, chat, etc. ...

In 2005 released a CD and DVD "Oswaldo Montenegro - 25 Anos de História" that span, both the mark of 100 000 copies.

In 2006 launches on Canal Brasil, in partnership with Roberto Menescal, the "Letras Brasileiras" presented by both. The program was inspired by the CD and the show that Oswaldo Menescal presented in 1997 and throughout the country. Mounts in Rio de Janeiro to play "Tipos" and amounts of the Aldeia dos Ventos, featuring the actress Camila Rodrigues, with "Cia Aqui Entre Nós".

In 2007, launches the CD and DVD "A Partir de Agora", recording new songs with guests such as Alceu Valença, Zé Ramalho, Eduardo Costa, Diogo Guanabara and Mariana Rios. On TV, starts the second season of "Letras Brasileiras" alongside Roberto Menescal on Canal Brasil. In the theater, in partnership with his brother Detoo Montenegro, assembles the show "Tipos" along with the Oficina dos Menestréis de São Paulo.

In 2008 releases, the label Som Livre, a new DVD and CD called "Intimacy". They bring 16 well-known songs with a new arrangement prepared by the Montenegro, by Sergio Chiavazzoli and Alexandre Meu Rei "Lume de Estrelas" which was only written to disk "Asa de Luz" in 1981. On TV, starts the third season of "Letras Brasileiras" which features Roberto Menescal on Canal Brasil. In the theater, rides in Rio de Janeiro the show "Eu Não Moro, Comemoro" featuring Caio Ruas Miranda and Émile Dantas and "Projeto Canjas" which makes room for young talent to perform alongside established artists. At the end of the year, has some of his greatest hits compilation released in a 3-cds (BOX 3) by Warner Music.

In 2009 engaged in the formation of a group of musical montages combining singers, musicians, actors and actresses like Veronica Bonfim, Leo Pine, Sestri Rodrigo, Emilio Dantas, Cibelle Hespanhol, Louise Pitta, Renato Luciano, Larissa Landim and Shirlene Paixão, and premiere musical "Filhos do Brasil" at the Teatro do Jockey (RJ). St. Paul writes to his third DVD, "Quebra-Cabeça Elétrico" released in October.

In 2010 Festival do Recife premiere of his film "Leo e Bia" and released the CD "Canções de Amor".

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1 Oswaldo Montenegro - Bandolins Bandolins 2
mp3, CD
1979 Atlantic
2 Oswaldo Montenegro - Vida De Artista Vida De Artista 11
mp3, CD
1991 Som Livre
3 Oswaldo Montenegro - Oswaldo Montenegro Oswaldo Montenegro 13
mp3, CD
1988 WEA
4 Oswaldo Montenegro - Aldeia Dos Ventos Aldeia Dos Ventos 12
mp3, CD
1985 Polygram
5 Oswaldo Montenegro - Trilhas Trilhas 14
mp3, CD
1977 Tapecar
6 Oswaldo Montenegro - Asa De Luz Asa De Luz 10
mp3, CD
1981 Warner Bros. Records
7 Oswaldo Montenegro - Projeto Vitrine Projeto Vitrine 4
mp3, CD
1978 MEC-Funarte
8 Oswaldo Montenegro - Entre Uma Balada E Um Blues Entre Uma Balada E Um Blues 14
mp3, CD
2005-01-06 Albatroz Discos

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