Also known as Laliene

Short biography of Lareine: LAREINE, previously called LALIENE, was formed by MALICE MIZER roadies KAMIJO and MAYU in November 1994. Other members were SAKUREU on guitar and 鏡花 (Kyoka) on drums. Bassist Emiru was recruited by the official debut March 1995. Some days before the debut live on March 25th 2005 MAYU left the band citing musical differences with the other guitarist SAKUREU, and was replaced by Hirono. MAYU eventually came back after SAKUREU left LALIENE in late April of the same year.
Kyouka and Hirono left the band in October 1995. A new drummer called Machi (also roadie of MALICE MIZER) eventually joined LALIENE on November 19th 1995.
March 26th 1996 marked the first anniversary of LALIENE. Since that day the band name was changed to LAREINE. Some months later guitarist AKIRA was added to the lineup and LAREINE released their debut mini-album "BLUE ROMANCE".
On August 28 1997 AKIRA left the band citing personal reasons. No replacement was found and the band kept going on without a second guitarist.
In January 1999 LAREINE signed a deal with the major label SME Records. The official major debut was set on March 26th, 1999. LAREINE videoclips were showed at the Hachiko plaza in Shibuya in front of thousands of people, and later that day the band had its last indies concert.
In early 2000, some months after the release of the major debut album, Emiru announced he would leave LAREINE for musical differences. Machi and MAYU also announced they would leave because they didn't want to go on without Emiru.
The last tour with these members took place in Summer 2000 and was limited to fanclub members.
KAMIJO then turned LAREINE into his solo project and opened his own independent record label APPLAUSE RECORDS. However, after the release of the full-length album SCREAM and a concert on January 5th 2001, the project was put on hold.
KAMIJO formed a new band with MAYU called NEW SODMY, which eventually disbanded in late 2002.
KAMIJO resumed his solo artist activities as LAREINE in October 2002, and released a new mini-album with former LAREINE members appearing as guests.
On March 26th 2003 LAREINE held a special revival live. It was announced there that Emiru would join the band again with a new drummer called KAZUMI. On May 16th also MAYU came back to LAREINE.
In 2005 the tenth anniversary of LAREINE was celebrated with various tours and tribute performances. However, at the end of the same year the band stopped playing live. It was later announced that KAZUMI was forced to leave LAREINE due to health reasons. His last concert with the band was held on March 1st 2006. Some time later MAYU stopped showing up at reharsals and concerts and completely lost contact with the other members. In early October KAMIJO and Emiru announced they would disband LAREINE after a memorial event on February 17th 2007.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Lareine - Blue Romance Blue Romance 5
mp3, CD
1997-01-01 La-Reine
2 Lareine - Blue Romance~優しい花達の狂奏~ Blue Romance~優しい花達の狂奏~ 9
mp3, CD
1997-09-07 La-Reine
3 Lareine - Blue Romance~優しい花達の狂奏~ Blue Romance~優しい花達の狂奏~ 8
mp3, CD
1997-09-07 La-Reine
4 Lareine - Romancia Romancia 3
mp3, CD
1997-04-27 La-Reine
5 Lareine - 再会の花 再会の花 3
mp3, CD
1996-03-26 La-Reine
6 Lareine - Fleur Fleur 3
mp3, CD
1998-05-10 La-Reine
7 Lareine - Fleur Fleur 3
mp3, CD
1998-04-21 La-Reine
8 Lareine - Mist Mist 3
mp3, CD
1997-04-28 La-Reine
9 Lareine - 憂いの花が綴る愛~L'introduction de la fleur~ 憂いの花が綴る愛~L'introduction de la fleur~ 2
mp3, CD
1998-03-14 LA-REINE
10 Lareine - 憂いの花が綴る愛~L'introduction de la fleur~ 憂いの花が綴る愛~L'introduction de la fleur~ 2
mp3, CD
1998-03-22 LA-REINE
11 Lareine - Demo Demo 2
mp3, CD
1995-08-22 Lucheri
12 Lareine - Laliene Laliene 3
mp3, CD
1995-03-25 Lucheri
13 Lareine - Blue Romance Blue Romance 5
mp3, CD
1996-12-24 La-Reine
14 Lareine - Fleurir Fleurir 3
mp3, CD
1998-05-03 La-Reine
15 Lareine - Fleurir ~Mode Estivale~ Fleurir ~Mode Estivale~ 3
mp3, CD
1998-08-01 La-Reine
16 Lareine - Lillie Charlotte Lillie Charlotte 5
mp3, CD
17 Lareine - Lillie Charlotte Lillie Charlotte 5
mp3, CD
18 Lareine - Métamorphose Métamorphose 3
mp3, CD
1998-12-18 SME Intermedia
19 Lareine - 月夜の歌劇 月夜の歌劇 3
mp3, CD
1996-06-20 La-Reine
20 Lareine - 青い鳥の行方 青い鳥の行方 2
mp3, CD
1999-03-26 La-Reine
21 Lareine - Billet~幼き夏の便箋~ Billet~幼き夏の便箋~ 2
mp3, CD
1999-08-25 SME Records
22 Lareine - 冬東京 冬東京 2
mp3, CD
1999-12-15 SME Records
23 Lareine - 蝶の花/レッスン 蝶の花/レッスン 2
mp3, CD
2002-11-27 APPLAUSE RECORDS (2)
24 Lareine - Etude Etude 6
mp3, CD
2003 Applause Records (2)
25 Lareine - Etude Etude 6
mp3, CD
2002-12-25 Applause Records (2)
26 Lareine - Orgel Best~小さな世界~ Orgel Best~小さな世界~ 10
mp3, CD
2003-02-14 Applause Records (2)
27 Lareine - fiançailles fiançailles 2
mp3, CD
1999-06-02 SME Records
28 Lareine - fiançailles fiançailles 3
mp3, CD
29 Lareine - フィエルテの海と共に消ゆ~FILM TRACKS~ フィエルテの海と共に消ゆ~FILM TRACKS~ 7
mp3, CD
2000-02-16 SME Records
30 Lareine - フィエルテの海と共に消ゆ~FILM TRACKS~ フィエルテの海と共に消ゆ~FILM TRACKS~ 7
mp3, CD
2000-03-23 SME Records
31 Lareine - Ballad Ballad 10
mp3, CD
2007-05-09 Sherow Artist Society
32 Lareine - Deep Forest Deep Forest 21
mp3, CD
2006-03-26 Applause Records (2)
33 Lareine - Never Cage Never Cage 16
mp3, CD
34 Lareine - Never Cage -Deluxe Edition- Never Cage -Deluxe Edition- 17
mp3, CD
35 Lareine - Scream Scream 9
mp3, CD
2000-11-01 Applause Records (2)

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