Masaya Kawamura

Also known as 緋咲, HIZAKI grace project

Short biography of Hizaki: Hizaki (officially spelled HIZAKI) is a guitarist and occasionally solo artist and composer from Shiga, born February 17th, 1979. He is famous for being the main guitarist and composer of the metal band [a=Versailles (3)].
HIZAKI debuted in his hometown with the heavy metal band [a=Garnet Grave] in 1997. In April 1999 he formed [a=Crack Brain] and later moved to Tokyo. In 2002 Crack Brain disbanded and HIZAKI started playing guitar on a session band called [a=グロテスクロマンティッカ], which later became a formal band called [a=Schwardix Marvally].
After Schwardix Marvally disbanded in early 2004, HIZAKI took a break from the stage and started recording and releasing music as a solo career.
HIZAKI was invited by vocalist [a=Masaki (4)] to join [a=Sulfuric Acid] in 2005. At the same time he started a new solo project called HIZAKI grace project and had few solo concerts with the help of session musicians. This project became more prominent after [a=Sulfuric Acid] disbanded in October 2006.
In early 2007 HIZAKI formed [a=Versailles (3)] with former [a=Lareine] vocalist [a=Kamijo] and also took part to a theatrical rock show titled [a=Node Of Scherzo]. In the meantime he composed music and played guitar for the solo artist [a=Juka].
After Versailles announced that they would go major in late 2008, HIZAKI put his solo activities on hold in order to focus on the band.

[b]Career Chronology[/b]
1997-1998 [a=Garnet Grave]
1999-2002 [a=Crack Brain]
2003-2004 [a=Schwardix Marvally]
2004-2007 HIZAKI/HIZAKI grace project
2005-2006 [a=Sulfuric Acid]
2007-present [a=Versailles (3)]

[b]Side Projects[/b]
2004-2005 [a=Burning Fire (2)]
2007-2008 [a=Node Of Scherzo]
2006 [a=Lareine] (live support)
2006 [a=Kamijo] (live support)
2007 [a=Juka] (session member and composer)
2007 [a=Kaya (6)] (composer)

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Hizaki - Dance With Grace Dance With Grace 4
mp3, CD
2005-04-27 kapparecords
2 Hizaki - Maiden†Ritual Maiden†Ritual 5
mp3, CD
3 Hizaki - Dance With Grace Dance With Grace 4
mp3, CD
4 Hizaki - Maiden†Ritual -Experiment Edition- Maiden†Ritual -Experiment Edition- 5
mp3, CD
2005-05-11 Kapparecords
5 Hizaki - Grace Special Package I Grace Special Package I 11
mp3, CD
2005 kapparecords
6 Hizaki - Curse Of Virgo Curse Of Virgo 5
mp3, CD
2008-09-24 Sherow Artist Society
7 Hizaki - Ruined Kingdom Ruined Kingdom 10
mp3, CD
2008-09-24 Sherow Artist Society
8 Hizaki - 紋章 紋章 17
mp3, CD
2008-09-24 Sherow Artist Society
9 Hizaki - Dignity Of Crest Dignity Of Crest 11
mp3, CD
2007-01-01 Sequence Records (4)
10 Hizaki - 永遠の刻印 永遠の刻印 3
mp3, CD
2007-02-17 Sherow Artist Society

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