Nito Mestre

Carlos Alberto Mestre

Also known as Mestre, N. Mestre, Nito

Short biography of Nito Mestre: Argentine folk singer and guitarist.

Born on Buenos Aires, Argentina (August 3, 1952) Carlos Alberto Mestre showed an inclination towards folklore since young, listening to classical music, playing the flute and participating on choirs.
Thought later, he would acquire [i]Please please me[/i] of [a=Beatles, The] and he would make a radical change - Towards Rock.
In high school he would form [a=Sui Generis (4)] together with [a=Charly Garcia], Alberto Rodríguez, Carlos Lareu, Alejandro Correa (Later replaced with Hugo Alfredo Negri), Juan Bellia, Carlos Piegari. But later most of it's members deserted it would become a duo with Charly.
The first instance of the group would release 5 LPs and one single, amassing nationwide popularity thanks to Charly's Melodies and Nito's vocals.
On 1975 the group disbanded on friendly terms, with Charly entering a more instrumental pace. Nito still wanted to write folk and formed on 1976 [a=Nito Mestre Y Los Desconocidos De Siempre] ([i]Nito Mestre and always's unkowns[/i]) with [a=Maria Rosa Yorio], back then Charly's wife. Their initial release put them on the top charts of Argentine folk rock, but would lose popularity in later releases because of creative stagnation. With three Lps and one single, the band disbanded on 1980 after the desertion of two of it's members.
Nito then decided to pursue a solo carrier, and release [i]20/10[/i] on 1981, considered by many his best work.
he would proceed to release [b]En Vivo[/b] (Live) and [b]Escondiendo los ojos al sol[/b] ([i]Hiding the eyes to the sun[/i]) in the consecutive years. On 1984 he would tour with [a=Juan Carlos Baglietto], [a=Celeste Carballo] and [a=Oveja negra] ([i]Black Sheep[/i]) on Chile and release [b]Porque Cantamos[/b] ([i]Why we sing[/i]), a live album, on 1985.
He would release [i]Nito[/i] the next year. Then he settled on Chile for three years after that where he would collaborate with Eduardo Gatti on his CD [b]Entrada De Locos[/b] ([i]Entrance of madmen[/i]).
He would returns to Argentina and release [b]Tocando El Cielo[/b] ([i]Touching the sky[/i]) on 1991 and [b]Nito Mestre Canta Sui Generis[/b] ([i]Nito Mestre Sings Sui Generis[/i]) the following year. After that, he feel into alcoholism and depression, eventually recuperating by the turn of the decade, and by 1999 he released [b]Colores Puros[/b] ([i]Pure Colours[/i]), returning to popularity.
In 2000 he reunited with Charly Garcia to reform Sui Generis, which released a CD that year and a live album on 2001. They then disbanded because of Charly Garcia's chaotic living style. He would then re-release his greatest hits with two compilation albums on 2002 and 2004 ([i]Años[/i] and [i]Esperando Crecer: Antologia 1982-1986[/i]).
On 2005 he released [b]Mestre[/b], and [b]Completo: En Vivo[/b] ([i]Complete: Live[/i]) on 2007. That same year his mother passed away, something he commemorated on the EP [b]Flores En Nashville[/b] ([i]Flowers on Nashville[/i]) in 2009.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Nito Mestre - Tocando El Cielo Tocando El Cielo 10
mp3, CD
1991 Epsa Music
2 Nito Mestre - 20/10 20/10 10
mp3, CD
3 Nito Mestre - En Vivo En Vivo 10
mp3, CD
1982 DG Discos
4 Nito Mestre - Escondo Mis Ojos Al Sol Escondo Mis Ojos Al Sol 10
mp3, CD
1983 DG Discos
5 Nito Mestre - Escondo Mis Ojos Al Sol Escondo Mis Ojos Al Sol 2
mp3, CD
1983 Interdisc (5)
6 Nito Mestre - Hoy Tiré Viejas Horas Hoy Tiré Viejas Horas 2
mp3, CD
1980 Microfon
7 Nito Mestre - En Vivo En Vivo 10
mp3, CD
1994 Interdisc (5)
8 Nito Mestre - Tocando El Cielo Tocando El Cielo 10
mp3, CD
1992 EPSA Music
9 Nito Mestre - Nito Mestre Canta Sui Generis Nito Mestre Canta Sui Generis 14
mp3, CD
10 Nito Mestre - Colores Puros Colores Puros 12
mp3, CD
11 Nito Mestre - Colores Puros Colores Puros 12
mp3, CD
1999 Pattaya
12 Nito Mestre - Mestre Mestre 10
mp3, CD
13 Nito Mestre - Completo En Vivo Completo En Vivo 32
mp3, CD
14 Nito Mestre - Años Años 28
mp3, CD
15 Nito Mestre - Esperando Crecer Antologia 1982/1986 Esperando Crecer Antologia 1982/1986 15
mp3, CD
2004-12-07 Universal
16 Nito Mestre - Flores En Nashville Flores En Nashville 18
mp3, CD
2009-10-01 ACQUA Records
17 Nito Mestre - 20/10 20/10 10
mp3, CD
2012 Microfon
18 Nito Mestre - Del Volar De Las Palomas Del Volar De Las Palomas 2
mp3, CD
1989 RCA
19 Nito Mestre - Entrada De Locos Entrada De Locos 10
mp3, CD
1989 RCA
20 Nito Mestre - Los Momentos / Aprendizaje Los Momentos / Aprendizaje 2
mp3, CD
1990 RCA

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