Tamás Kátai, Balázs Hermann, Zoltán Kónya

Short biography of Gire: The first demo entitled [r=1791779] was recorded in September, 1996. After the release of the material based on extreme/thrash/death metal, [a821010] - who also takes part in avantgarde black metal band [a977689] - joined the band. In the Autumn of 1997 [a1173125] were invited to support industrial/grind band Intense on their tour due to the great echoes from underground magazines and fanzines reflecting to [r1791779]. Just before the tour (in August, 1997) [a1399458] joined the band as a new bass guitar player.

Meanwhile members were trying to move towards a more instinctive, expressive and special way of art, where plenty of colours would have entwined from classical music to the most experimental motifs. Not everyone in the band shared these ideas about music so first vocalist [a1468433], then drummer [a1468432] left [a1173125] by the June of 1998. This process made the work slower and harder as new members have not arrived, the two guitarists have taken the microphones and drum progams have been used instead of a flesh-and-blood drummer.

In 1999 [a1173125] released their second demo called [r=1791792] including seven songs and by September, 2000 a promo CDr was done entitled [r=1791801] (Seven Birds).

By time the band have turned their poems from Hungarian to English and special instruments have also been used like conga, darbuka and didgeridoo. The result is the promotional CDr [r=1791811] released in the March of 2002. For the titlesong a video came out in September 2002.

On the 22nd of April, 2003 [a1399460] (guitars/vocals), a founder member of [a1173125] leaves the band after 8 years. No new member has arrived again, [a1173125] appeared in the IV. Nightbreed Festival as a trio and a new three-track demo came out in September called simply [r=1791820]. Guest musicians also participate, namely [a821009] on violin and [a1399461], singer of cultic Hungarian black metal act [a1721327].

By the end of this year the band appears in an underground death/black metal compilation disc of Surlity Fanzine from Thailand and in a Hungarian CD magazine Stereo Morphium as the honouring company of [a1957439], [a1045623] or Angertea.

On the 12th of March, 2004 [a1173125] supports [a40032] at Petőfi Csarnok, Budapest. The concert is filmed and a new video is coming out in September together with the sixth material [r=1791836]. This short demo contains the nine-minute long titlesong, a [a34058] cover and the video of Eocén Expressz. "Nádak, Erek" is the first song ever featuring female vocals by [a1399456].

By the October of 2004 the third video of [a1173125] (Nádak, Erek) is about to launch.
In the March of 2005 supporting [a160074] in Jate Club, Szeged and a day after a gig in Budapest at MetalMania 2005 Festival together with [a245811], [a17482], [a160074], [a93817] or [a252164].

In the May of 2005 [a1399458] travels to Scotland. 'Till he's back, Péter Patkós (Gőzerő, Hitemp) plays as a session bass player. We play with him at VI. Nightbreed Festival in July. [a1399458] arrives back by the end of the summer and the band is about to start the recording session of their first full-length album entitled [r=1400647], featuring former member [a1399460], [a1399461] ([a1721327]) and [a1006890] ([a792550]). Released in the February of 2007 as a self-financed digipack CD, it is distributed by [l153356] and [l26562]. But before launching the album, [a1173125] plays at the Main Stage of MetalMania 2006 Festival sharing stage with [a100137], [a252329], [a93816], [a252427] and also at A38 Ship, Budapest supporting [a403294]. And finally they take part in compilation [r=1941167] of Finnish label [l26562] with bands like [a233796], [a94656] or [a263175].

[a1173125] splits up in September, 2007 due to lack of motivation of [a1399459] and the worldwide spreading of the three members. [a821010] continues in [a977689] while [a1399458] plays music in Scotland.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Gire - Gire Gire 11
mp3, CD
2 Gire - On Dist... On Dist... 5
mp3, CD
1996-09-00 Not On Label (Gire Self-released)
3 Gire - Energire Energire 7
mp3, CD
1999-12-00 Not On Label (Gire Self-released)
4 Gire - Hét Madár Hét Madár 3
mp3, CD
2000-09-00 Not On Label (Gire Self-released)
5 Gire - Metabiosis Metabiosis 4
mp3, CD
2002-03-00 Not On Label (Gire Self-released)
6 Gire - V V 3
mp3, CD
2003-09-00 Not On Label (Gire Self-released)
7 Gire - Nádak, Erek Nádak, Erek 2
mp3, CD
2004-09-00 Not On Label (Gire Self-released)
8 Gire - Gort/Namtar/Towards Rusted Soil/Gire Gort/Namtar/Towards Rusted Soil/Gire 17
mp3, CD
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