Robert Skrzyński

Also known as Mcrmlncl, Micromelancholié, Micromelancolié, Micromelancolie, Micromelancolié

Short biography of Mikrodepresja: Digital loop minimalism project from Poland.

releases here are NOT in chronological order.

Also on the Web you may find Mikrodepresja by links below:
  1. http://coughserenades.blogspot.com/
  2. https://twitter.com/cough_serenades
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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
36 #p st-m d rn_summertime 4
mp3, CD
2013-10-10 BDTA
37 It Doesn't Belong Here 4
mp3, CD
2014-02-20 Zoharum
38 After Dark Days Black Will Come 4
mp3, CD
2014 Aurora Borealis
39 After Dark Days Black Will Come 8
mp3, CD
2014 Monotype Records
40 Places You Can't See 2
mp3, CD
2014-02-01 BDTA
41 Las 3
mp3, CD
2014-03-01 BDTA
42 Two Recipes Like Grandma Used To Make 2
mp3, CD
2014-05-31 Wounded Knife
43 Infinite Sea Of Objects 4
mp3, CD
2014 Au.diom.at
44 Tour Tape 2014 4
mp3, CD
45 Surface Shift 5
mp3, CD
2014 LA COHU
46 Ensemble Faux Pas 2
mp3, CD
2014 A Giant Fern
47 Git Hubris / Séptimo Subsuelo De Sikuris / Performance Patterns And Relationships 19
mp3, CD
2014-09-12 Metaphysical Circuits

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