Joachim Montessuis

Also known as J. Montessuis

Short biography of Joachim Montessuis: Born 1972, Paris based audio/visual artist and operator of [l=Erratum] since 1993.
Joachim Montessuis develops an experimental contextual practice mainly around voice, drone, noise and resonance since the early 90's. His vocal performative work explores various states of trance through the extreme potentialities of amplification and electronic transformations of screams, throat singing, and also words. He has shown his work in many festivals around the globe (more than 200 performances) and he has collaborated with more than 100 artists, including Charlemagne Palestine, Henri Chopin, Maja Ratkje, Master musicians of Joujouka, Phill Niblock...). He lives in Paris and teaches sound and intermedia art at (school of art) in Strasbourg.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Joachim Montessuis - Errances : 1993-2005 Errances : 1993-2005 12
mp3, CD
2005-12-00 Erratum
2 Joachim Montessuis - Voxorgachitectronumputer Voxorgachitectronumputer 3
mp3, CD
2011 Sub Rosa
3 Joachim Montessuis - Vocal Codes Vocal Codes 2
mp3, CD
2011-09-27 Antifrost
4 Joachim Montessuis - Chapel Perilous Chapel Perilous 23
mp3, CD
2012-05-14 Fragment Factory
5 Joachim Montessuis - Cosmogon Cosmogon 4
mp3, CD
6 Joachim Montessuis - Regen Regen 4
mp3, CD
2012-03-08 Joca Seria
7 Joachim Montessuis - Janus Janus 2
mp3, CD
2013-10-19 Erratum
8 Joachim Montessuis - Erratum Musical Erratum Musical 6
mp3, CD
1994 Erratum
9 Joachim Montessuis - Dynamogénies Dynamogénies 16
mp3, CD
1997 Erratum
10 Joachim Montessuis - Messagier - Composts Messagier - Composts 3
mp3, CD
2009 Editions23
11 Joachim Montessuis - PortaOne#1 PortaOne#1 4
mp3, CD
1991 Montex

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