Roy Davis Jr.

Also known as Joy Davis Jnr, R Davis, R Davis Jr, R Davis Jr., R. Davis, R. Davis Jr, R. Davis Jr., R. Davis, Jr., R.D, R.D., R.Davis, R.Davis & Jr, R.Davis Jr, RD, RDJ, Roy, Roy D., Roy Davies, Roy Davis, Roy Davis Jnr, Roy Davis Jnr., Roy Davis Jr, Roy Davis Junior, Roy Davis Project, Roy Davis Project, The, Roy Davis, Jr, Roy Davis, Jr., Roy Jr.

Short biography of Roy Davis Jr.: Added on board the Chicago house production team [a=Phuture], as a replacement for [a=DJ Pierre], Roy Davis Jr. later followed his mentor to New York and worked at Strictly Rhythm, recording his own singles for Force Inc., Big Big Trax and Power Music. Originally born in California, Davis moved to Chicago's south side early in his childhood. After being turned on by legendary acid-house pioneers like Phuture and [a=Lil' Louis], he became a DJ and began producing as well, with his first single, "20 Below," recorded for the Jack Trax label.

Roy describes the music that he makes as "soul electrica"; soul music mixed with electronics. His style has changed and grown up through the years as he has been going back to his spiritual roots in house music, away from the sound that he once was associated with - Phuture's "acid" and "wild pitch." The sound he is working on is expanding more on the soulful side combining an unmistakable deep funk sound of Chicago.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Roy Davis Jr. - People From Mars People From Mars 6
mp3, CD
2000-00-00 Earth, Moon & Sun
2 Roy Davis Jr. - Always There Always There 4
mp3, CD
1999-00-00 Afterhours
3 Roy Davis Jr. - "Love, Wisdom, & Understanding" 4
mp3, CD
1999-04-23 Undaground Therapy Muzik
4 Roy Davis Jr. - The Wild E.P. Pt 2 The Wild E.P. Pt 2 7
mp3, CD
1995-05-00 Sex Trax
5 Roy Davis Jr. - Unreleased Basement Traxx Vol. 2 Unreleased Basement Traxx Vol. 2 3
mp3, CD
2000-06-23 Bombay Records (2)
6 Roy Davis Jr. - Traxx From The Nile Traxx From The Nile 10
mp3, CD
2001-06-20 Bombay Records (2)
7 Roy Davis Jr. - Join His Kingdom Join His Kingdom 4
mp3, CD
2000 20000st
8 Roy Davis Jr. - Rock Shock Rock Shock 2
mp3, CD
1998-00-00 Roulé
9 Roy Davis Jr. - Don't You Dare Stop Loving Don't You Dare Stop Loving 4
mp3, CD
1999-00-00 Nite Life Collective
10 Roy Davis Jr. - The Secret Mission The Secret Mission 10
mp3, CD
1995-00-00 Power Music Records
11 Roy Davis Jr. - Powerplant Revisited (Page One) Powerplant Revisited (Page One) 4
mp3, CD
1996-00-00 Chord 44 Records
12 Roy Davis Jr. - Roy's Unreleased Traxx Vol. 1 Roy's Unreleased Traxx Vol. 1 3
mp3, CD
1996-00-00 Force Inc. US
13 Roy Davis Jr. - House Inferno House Inferno 3
mp3, CD
1996-00-00 Not On Label
14 Roy Davis Jr. - Gabrielle Gabrielle 4
mp3, CD
1996-09-01 Large Records
15 Roy Davis Jr. - "Watch Them Come" Remixes 6
mp3, CD
2001-10-01 Bombay Records (2)
16 Roy Davis Jr. - Someday Someday 2
mp3, CD
1999-00-00 Peacefrog Records
17 Roy Davis Jr. - Michael Michael 2
mp3, CD
1999-11-15 Nuphonic
18 Roy Davis Jr. - Michael Michael 2
mp3, CD
1999-11-22 Nuphonic
19 Roy Davis Jr. - Gabriel Gabriel 4
mp3, CD
1997-10-20 XL Recordings
20 Roy Davis Jr. - Soul Electrica Soul Electrica 8
mp3, CD
1999 Peacefrog Records
21 Roy Davis Jr. - Alive On Tha Set! Alive On Tha Set! 4
mp3, CD
1996 Cajual Records
22 Roy Davis Jr. - Unreleased Basement Traxx  Vol. 1 Unreleased Basement Traxx Vol. 1 2
mp3, CD
2002-00-00 Underground Trax
23 Roy Davis Jr. - Essence Of Life Essence Of Life 5
mp3, CD
1994-09-07 Strictly Rhythm
24 Roy Davis Jr. - House Trax & Rhythms House Trax & Rhythms 4
mp3, CD
1995 Power Music Records
25 Roy Davis Jr. - Heart Attack (Remixes) Heart Attack (Remixes) 4
mp3, CD
1994 Power Music Records
26 Roy Davis Jr. - Galactic Disco Galactic Disco 3
mp3, CD
1998-06-19 Lazyboy Records
27 Roy Davis Jr. - The Wild Life E.P. The Wild Life E.P. 4
mp3, CD
1994 Sex Trax
28 Roy Davis Jr. - US EP #101 US EP #101 3
mp3, CD
1995 Perspective SDS
29 Roy Davis Jr. - God Of Israel God Of Israel 4
mp3, CD
1999-06-21 Afterhours
30 Roy Davis Jr. - Deliver Me Deliver Me 4
mp3, CD
31 Roy Davis Jr. - Gabriel Gabriel 3
mp3, CD
1997 XL Recordings
32 Roy Davis Jr. - Something Inside Of Me Something Inside Of Me 2
mp3, CD
1999 King Street Sounds
33 Roy Davis Jr. - Dance Shake Dance Shake 3
mp3, CD
2002 Red Menace Records
34 Roy Davis Jr. - Tha Black Light Exposure E.P. Tha Black Light Exposure E.P. 4
mp3, CD
1995 Downtown 161
35 Roy Davis Jr. - The Beautiful One The Beautiful One 2
mp3, CD
1998 Large Records

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