Sven Grünberg

Also known as С. Грюнберг, Свен Грюнберг, Grünberg, S. Grünberg, Sven Grunberg

Short biography of Sven Grünberg: Sven Grünberg (born November 24, 1956) is an Estonian ambient and progressive rock composer and musician most known for his meditative organ and electronic works involving the concepts of Tibetan Buddhism. He has collaborated with the film director Olav Neuland and written the soundtracks for the most of his films.
In the 1970s Sven Grünberg was the leader of the progressive rock band Mess, which was founded by him in January 1974 together with Härmo Härm. Despite the years of the band's existence and many live performances, Mess didn't release a single studio album because of the contradictions of their musical style with the Soviet ideology; only in 1996 Grünberg released a compilation from several survived Mess recordings and a full remastered album in 2004.
Sven Grünberg is also the Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Institute of Buddhism.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Sven Grünberg - Hingus Hingus 3
mp3, CD
1981 Мелодия
2 Sven Grünberg - OM OM 4
mp3, CD
1989 Мелодия
3 Sven Grünberg - Milarepa Milarepa 10
mp3, CD
1993-03-25 Erdenklang
4 Sven Grünberg - Mess Mess 3
mp3, CD
1980 Мелодия
5 Sven Grünberg - Prana Symphony Prana Symphony 10
mp3, CD
1995-09-25 Erdenklang
6 Sven Grünberg - Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell 123
mp3, CD
2001 hyper.records
7 Sven Grünberg - OM OM 4
mp3, CD
2000 Boheme Music
8 Sven Grünberg - OM OM 4
mp3, CD
1988 Мелодия
9 Sven Grünberg - Hingus Hingus 8
mp3, CD
1984 Мелодия
10 Sven Grünberg - Hingus Hingus 8
mp3, CD
1985 Мелодия
11 Sven Grünberg - OM OM 4
mp3, CD
1988 Мелодия
12 Sven Grünberg - Hingus Hingus 8
mp3, CD
1983 Мелодия
13 Sven Grünberg - Дыхание Дыхание 8
mp3, CD
1982 Мелодия
14 Sven Grünberg - Hingus Hingus 8
mp3, CD
1987 Мелодия

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