FJ Project

Luca Cominato

Also known as DJ FJ Project, FJ, FJ Project Italy

Short biography of FJ Project: For someone who is not even 30 years old, Luca Cominato (also known as FJ Project) has created a name for himself in the hard trance world! Founder of the genre of music known as 'Darkstyle', you are guarenteed a mixture of ferocious beats, thumpin' acid and dark synth work with this Italian wonder! With numerous worldwide bookings, managing three very succesful labels 'Darksquad' 'Trance National' and 'Acid Records', releases on some of the worlds finest imprints such as German Trance, Compulzion, Trance NRG, and running a radio show are just some of the many talents of this producer.

After starting to use Technics decks at the age of 13, it took until the age of 16 for Luca to enter the world by discovering sampling. After four years of this, the decision was made to cooperate with his brother Massimiliano Cominato alias MAX ONE and ULTRAPHONIC Studio was formed. This opened up a whole new dimension for Luca as he was allowed to explore his sound and release many records under different guises, using the following aliases for productions: Hypersonic, The Projector, Dj Tom 809 and as he is most famously known FJ Project.

Under this guise he has revived the power of the 303 and produced countless hard trance tracks that feature distorted acid lines that rock the place, and DJs from Mark EG, Kutski,M-Zone, ASYS, Alex Kidd and Fausto right the way through to Scot Project and Bas & Ram are supporting his productions, with many DJs accross the world praising him highly! Not just known for his excellent productions, Luca has DJ'd accross the globe and has received bookings from Q-Dance to play the Orange Arena at Defqon 1 2009 (Holland), Nature One 2010 (Germany), HardNation and Programm 2 (Germany), Coast Club (DanimarK)in the UK he has been booked for the likes of FANTASY ISLAND, Atmosphere, Hindsight, Dekadance, Resonate, Premonition and Re-Beat to name just a few.

Hardtrance and hardstyle producer Luca Cominato was born in 1980. He started using Technics Turntable at only 9 years old and when he was 16 he start to learn about the world of sampling.
After 4 years in cooperation with [a=Maxjay] he decides to create the Suntracker Techno Studio and they started producing together.

Now FJ Project is one of the most successful producers of the Italian label [l=Kickin' Tunes]. His records are played by top DJs all over Europe.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 FJ Project - Crazy Crazy 2
mp3, CD
2003 Kickin' Tunes
2 FJ Project - Freedom Freedom 2
mp3, CD
2003-09-00 Kickin' Tunes
3 FJ Project - It's Hardstyle It's Hardstyle 2
mp3, CD
2004 Kickin' Tunes
4 FJ Project - Master Tune Master Tune 2
mp3, CD
2004-09-00 Kickin' Tunes
5 FJ Project - Technology 2005 Technology 2005 2
mp3, CD
2005-02-00 Kickin' Tunes
6 FJ Project - Plastic Nation Plastic Nation 3
mp3, CD
2004-09-02 Damage (2)
7 FJ Project - The Moon Revolution The Moon Revolution 2
mp3, CD
8 FJ Project - Scorpia Scorpia 3
mp3, CD
2008-07-28 Darksquad Records
9 FJ Project - Brainstorm (Acid 303 Mix) Brainstorm (Acid 303 Mix) 3
mp3, CD
2008-09-01 Acid Records (2)
10 FJ Project - Sampler 01 Sampler 01 2
mp3, CD
2008-09-29 Acid Records (2)
11 FJ Project - Frankfurt Frankfurt 3
mp3, CD
2008-10-20 Acid Records (2)
12 FJ Project - Acid 309 Acid 309 4
mp3, CD
2009-02-09 Acid Records (2)
13 FJ Project - Heartbreaker 2009 Heartbreaker 2009 3
mp3, CD
2009-07-20 Acid Records (2)
14 FJ Project - 2009 Collection 2009 Collection 6
mp3, CD
2009-09-21 Acid Records (2)
15 FJ Project - Bring The Noize Bring The Noize 2
mp3, CD
2009-02-16 Acid Records (2)
16 FJ Project - Ex Pulse Ex Pulse 3
mp3, CD
2009-10-05 Acid Records (2)
17 FJ Project - Ex Pulse Hard Ex Pulse Hard 2
mp3, CD
2009-10-19 Acid Records (2)
18 FJ Project - Acid Storm Acid Storm 2
mp3, CD
2010-02-15 Tranzlation
19 FJ Project - Escape From Alcatraz (Max One Official 2010 Remix) Escape From Alcatraz (Max One Official 2010 Remix) 4
mp3, CD
2010-04-19 Acid Records (2)
20 FJ Project - Acid Storm Acid Storm 2
mp3, CD
2010-02-08 Tranzlation
21 FJ Project - Back To Hard Back To Hard 3
mp3, CD
2010-10-07 Acid Records (2)
22 FJ Project - Hard Style EP Hard Style EP 2
mp3, CD
2010-12-16 Acid Records (2)
23 FJ Project - Pain Distructor (Hard Style Mix) Pain Distructor (Hard Style Mix) 3
mp3, CD
2010-11-12 Acid Records (2)
24 FJ Project - Invasion Invasion 3
mp3, CD
2010-01-26 Acid Records (2)
25 FJ Project - No Women Allowed No Women Allowed 2
mp3, CD
2010-06-15 Friction (3)
26 FJ Project - Acid Warriors Acid Warriors 3
mp3, CD
2011-11-16 Friction (3)
27 FJ Project - Technology 2005 Technology 2005 2
mp3, CD
2008-07-21 Kickin' Tunes
28 FJ Project - No Women Allowed No Women Allowed 2
mp3, CD
2010-12-08 Friction (3)

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