David Y. Wang

Short biography of Mochipet: Born in Taiwan to a rocket scientist father and kindergarten teacher mother, David Wang (a.k.a. Mochipet) has been tinkering with electronics since he was a child. However, not until he added music to the equation, did something special begin to take shape. Having grown up listening to metal guitar, avant-garde jazz, and mainstream hip-hop, David's eclectic taste can now be seen in his music, ever changing, and always evolving.

Never wasting an ounce of drive, David started his own label in 1990, [l=Btrendy Records], which later paved the way for [l=Daly City Records], that served as the first platform to put out his and his friends early experimental-jazz-funk-metal influenced recordings in very limited quantities under different project and band names, some of which dates back to his high school days.

Initially mailing his first solo album (a self-titled affair) on CD-R to anyone who wanted it, Mochipet gained popularity to the point where he had to ask for shipping costs to be covered. His second CD, "Randbient Works 2002", was also sent out on CD-R, but this time for a small cost. By the time his third CD came out, he had gained the reputation to move up to a larger label. "Combat" was released on the Tigerbeat6 phantom label, Violent Turd, featuring intense mash-ups.

The clean and unique vibrations David has presented to the music arena have reached as far as the sports and skateboarding world as well. His song "Sharp Drest" (featuring Eric Solo and oonceoonce) is featured throughout the top-selling basketball videogame - NBA2K9, alongside artists such as Beastie Boys, N.E.R.D., and The Cool Kids. You may have also heard his musical contributions on FuelTV and DIRECTV, providing hand-selected soundtracks to skate legends such as Anthony Van Engelen, Christian Hasoi, Jason "Weeman" Acuna, Laban Pheidias, Lance Mountain, Ray Barbee, and Tony Hawk.

His efforts have been recognized throughout the music community by way of nominations for titles including "Best Electronic Act of 2008" from publications such as Clash Magazine (UK) and San Francisco Bay Guardian. His composition "Dessert Search for Techno Baklava" has been performed by a 20 piece orchestra - Alarm Will Sound, around the world, most notably at New York's Carnegie Hall and Amsterdam's Holland Festival.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Mochipet - Dim Sum Dim Sum 4
mp3, CD
2003-10-20 BPitch Control
2 Mochipet - $ Vol. 11 $ Vol. 11 2
mp3, CD
2003 Tigerbeat6
3 Mochipet - Randbient Works 2002 Randbient Works 2002 14
mp3, CD
4 Mochipet - CDR CDR 7
mp3, CD
5 Mochipet - Combat Combat 12
mp3, CD
2003 Violent Turd
6 Mochipet - Uzumaki Uzumaki 9
mp3, CD
2004 Component Records
7 Mochipet - Electric Saki House Electric Saki House 6
mp3, CD
2004 Ex Nihilo Records
8 Mochipet - Feel My China Volume 1 Feel My China Volume 1 16
mp3, CD
2005 Component Records
9 Mochipet - My Gucci Chainsaw Ass Clap Attack My Gucci Chainsaw Ass Clap Attack 2
mp3, CD
2006-09-26 Peace Off
10 Mochipet - Randbient Works 2002 Randbient Works 2002 14
mp3, CD
2002 Btrendy Records
11 Mochipet - Disko Donkey Vol. 1 (Wild Ass) Disko Donkey Vol. 1 (Wild Ass) 7
mp3, CD
2006-11-07 Daly City Records
12 Mochipet - Girls ♥ Breakcore Girls ♥ Breakcore 22
mp3, CD
2007-02-14 Daly City Records
13 Mochipet - Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party 4
mp3, CD
2008-03-27 Creaked Records
14 Mochipet - Feel My China II Feel My China II 29
mp3, CD
2008 Daly City Records
15 Mochipet - Microphonepet Microphonepet 21
mp3, CD
2008-04-01 Daly City Records
16 Mochipet - Microphonepet Remixed Microphonepet Remixed 8
mp3, CD
2008-12-02 Creaked Records
17 Mochipet - Disko Donkey Disko Donkey 13
mp3, CD
2006 Daly City Records
18 Mochipet - ReBootied ReBootied 5
mp3, CD
2009 Daly City Records
19 Mochipet - Master P On Atari MixTape Master P On Atari MixTape 11
mp3, CD
2009-01-13 Daly City Records
20 Mochipet - Get Your Dub Wet Get Your Dub Wet 2
mp3, CD
2009-09-08 Daly City Records
21 Mochipet - Master P On Atari Master P On Atari 14
mp3, CD
2009-04-07 Daly City Records
22 Mochipet - Vermin Street Idm/Core Series: Issue 2 Vermin Street Idm/Core Series: Issue 2 2
mp3, CD
2009-08-18 Vermin Street
23 Mochipet - Cowgirls Gets The Pets Cowgirls Gets The Pets 4
mp3, CD
2010-07-19 Automation Records
24 Mochipet - Master P On Atari Transformed Volume 2 Master P On Atari Transformed Volume 2 32
mp3, CD
2010-06-04 Daly City Records
25 Mochipet - Dim Sum Dim Sum 4
mp3, CD
2003-09-03 BPitch Control
26 Mochipet - Hello My Name Is Hello My Name Is 11
mp3, CD
2011 Daly City
27 Mochipet - Whomp-A-Saurus Sex Whomp-A-Saurus Sex 10
mp3, CD
2011-05-00 Daly City Records
28 Mochipet - Ear Candy #1 Ear Candy #1 2
mp3, CD
2011-04-26 Ear Candy Music (2)
29 Mochipet - Dave2 Dave2 3
mp3, CD
2005 Yousns Recordings
30 Mochipet - Girls ♥ Breakcore Girls ♥ Breakcore 22
mp3, CD
2007-02-14 Daly City Records
31 Mochipet - Bunnies & Muffins Bunnies & Muffins 14
mp3, CD
2009-03-03 Daly City Records
32 Mochipet - Rawr Means I Love You Rawr Means I Love You 10
mp3, CD
2013-03-05 Daly City Records
33 Mochipet - Horny And Bouncy Horny And Bouncy 5
mp3, CD
2012-04-24 Vermin Street

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