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Short biography of sgnl_fltr: An electronic music project for ambient electronica and experimental techno started by [a=Danny Kreutzfeldt] in Aarhus, Denmark during 2003. It was officially discontinued in 2009 with the release of [r=1768479] after a long production hiatus. Subsequent releases such as [r=1870172] feature older works.

Upon it’s conception for the release of the experimental techno album [r=220987] in 2003, Sgnl_Fltr was only one among many monikers used by Kreutzfeldt. Apart from the ambient and noise released as [a=Danny Kreutzfeldt], [a=Sectorchestra], [a=Fallingapparatus] and [a=Periskop] are all known to have been used along with Sgnl_Fltr for the different aspects of Kreutzfeldt’s numerous and versatile solo productions around the middle of the decade.

From 2004 to around 2008 Sgnl_Fltr would evolve to be the most prevalent of these many solo projects. With [r=220987] being a strictly digital release on Danish label [], the Sgnl_Fltr project started out as part of the netlabel scene, where music is offered as free downloads. In 2004 however, Sgnl_Fltr got affiliated with [l=Databloem], that also released Danny Kreutzfeldt’s highly acclaimed [r=252664]. Databloem went on to release three Sgnl_Fltr CD albums: [r=326025], [r=850980] and [r=1388333]. This affiliation also made the successful French ambient electronica label [l=Ultimae Records] interested in the project, which resulted in the release of the atmospheric track Waters on [r=1165622] in 2007.

Throughout Sgnl_Fltr remained rooted in the netlabel scene as well, with various remix and compilation contributions as well as the very dark and experimental techno album [r=620364] released on [l=Stadtgruen] in 2006.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 sgnl_fltr - Mikro Mikro 9
mp3, CD
2003-10-00 Aabtek.Tsch
2 sgnl_fltr - Vebra Vebra 10
mp3, CD
2004 Databloem
3 sgnl_fltr - Atrum Atrum 5
mp3, CD
2006-02-08 Stadtgruen
4 sgnl_fltr - Chrono Chrono 10
mp3, CD
5 sgnl_fltr - Exhalo Exhalo 10
mp3, CD
2008 Databloem
6 sgnl_fltr - Iktus Iktus 8
mp3, CD
2009-04-27 Stadtgruen
7 sgnl_fltr - Mtnada_ep Mtnada_ep 4
mp3, CD
2009-07-29 Yuki Yaki
8 sgnl_fltr - Mtnada_ep Mtnada_ep 4
mp3, CD
2009-07-29 Yuki Yaki

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