Nino Nardini

Georges Achille Teperino

Also known as N Nardini, N. Nardini, N.Nardini, Nina Nardini

Short biography of Nino Nardini: Georges Achille Teperino alias Nino Nardini (1912-1994), was born in Paris of an Italian father and a French mother.
Born in a family of musicians, he started his early career at the age of seven, directing a philharmonic orchestra.
His father,a famous violinist and composer, was his main teacher.
After second world war ended, he began his public apparitions and fully dedicated his personal conductor ability and composer taste to the Spanish and Mexican ethnic and folk-related music, with a hint for exotic percussions.
Along with a bunch of former dependable session club musicians he formed the "Nino Nardini Orchestra" in 1951, partecipating with this ensemble at the "La Chansons de Paris", a weekly musical program, wich took place at the Theatre Des Champs Elysees.
There he had many live turbulent late evening act-shows at the famous "Circus 58" in France, shifting and specializing his original composed songs to one much popular and suitable for "dancing form", so widely practiced by young people at late evening and night, like the paso doble, fox trot, calypso, rock and tango.
He directed the orchestras of Radio Luxembourg, Radio Circus and Radio Theatre in Paris and took conductor duties even in one itinerant circus, learning all the trickery and particular instrumentation applied to fun gags and arranging songs for the comic jokes public spectacles.
At the very beginning of the Sixties he entered slowly the new born world of Music Library in France, Europe and Uk, recording mostly avant-jazz and be bop blues and drama scores, using preminently uncommon instruments like Harpsichord, Marimba or Electric organ, just like his old childohood friend Roger Roger was doing around the same time with him in partnership.
This parallel carrer led the two to one strong all day musical collaboration, with a costant rate that took the two to finally build up the Studio Ganaro, a personal recording space where they started to work together on composing many kind of music and then heavily experimenting, before many others, on the moog synthesizer and other analogue synths and custom electronics.
In particular,Teperino was the one heavily oriented to innovative experiments with musique-concrete blended with common concert instruments, following the path of that era along with P.Henry to J. J.Perrey.
When Teperino produced with his real name he firstly did one experimental electronic vinyl named TVMusic 101in 1969, covering one side together with the Roger alias (Cecil Leuter).
In doing so they fairly attracted the France Chappel Music agent interest for innovative music and got both under contract for further recordings of same experimental path and for the important Chappell Mood Music series, leading to publish 3 other astounding TVmusic Lps of full electronic music and 2 record on CMM with Roger.
All the years belonging to the Seventies saw Nardini highly active in Illustrative Music for TV and Radio in France and worldwide, and he finally established one according with Roger for a common job where they where working on same tracks to add or enhance what the other one may have missed with the final result of producing some of the most respectable modern Library music, in many cases overcoming the pure background effect purpose of it and creating an intricated musical identity wich started to be legendary for how both artists where so "Ego - unique" and for what real music could be pinned to their names.
In the most prolific period, after 40 years in music, they were main authors with French Library Labels and totally free to produce and arrange music with Neuilly and then Crea Sound LTD, with a prompt result of producing more than 40 records together along with the ones with their name only and then succeding into publishing for Sacem Fr more than 4 hundred single tracks, respectively.
Despite Teperino worked in strict collaboration, worldwide and French conoisseurs, are capable to discern the ingredients in their Library and Easy listening albums, finally recognizing to Teperino the most percussive hint and far out visionnaire and feerique landmark.
Today music listeners find themselves in front of the "identity and music" legend the musicians duo created on purpose, and this continuosly raises up a question mark wich led to distinguish between musical sound elements into the multi-faceted crafts'man-like quality of their arrangments.

Is said that we owe him the "Canaveral Cap" theme,used for the launching the Apollo II on July 5, 1966 (unknown source).

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Nino Nardini - Afro-Beat / Poltergeist Afro-Beat / Poltergeist 2
mp3, CD
2002 Jazzman
2 Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession Jungle Obsession 13
mp3, CD
2000 Dare-Dare
3 Nino Nardini - Tropicola / Filigree Funk Tropicola / Filigree Funk 2
mp3, CD
2002 Jazzman
4 Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession Jungle Obsession 12
mp3, CD
1971 Neuilly
5 Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession Jungle Obsession 13
mp3, CD
6 Nino Nardini - Animals' Christmas Animals' Christmas 17
mp3, CD
7 Nino Nardini - Funny Moogy Funny Moogy 14
mp3, CD
1983 Crea Sound Ltd.
8 Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession Jungle Obsession 12
mp3, CD
2000 Re-Joint Records
9 Nino Nardini - Le Cinema De Papa Le Cinema De Papa 12
mp3, CD
Crea Sound Ltd.
10 Nino Nardini - Rock Rock Circus / Ils Ont Ri Rock Rock Circus / Ils Ont Ri 4
mp3, CD
1961 Guilain
11 Nino Nardini - Musique Concrete Musique Concrete 10
mp3, CD
1970 Neuilly
12 Nino Nardini - Jazz, Dramatic Jazz, Dramatic 13
mp3, CD
1968 Southern Library Of Recorded Music
13 Nino Nardini - Chappell Mood Music Vol. 16 : New Sounds ! Chappell Mood Music Vol. 16 : New Sounds ! 16
mp3, CD
1967 Chappell
14 Nino Nardini - Catastrophe Catastrophe 12
mp3, CD
15 Nino Nardini - Jungle Obsession Jungle Obsession 12
mp3, CD
2000-06-22 Re-Joint Records
16 Nino Nardini - Salon Des Composants 1970 Salon Des Composants 1970 2
mp3, CD
1970 Not On Label
17 Nino Nardini - Rock Rock Circus Rock Rock Circus 8
mp3, CD
1961 Guilain
18 Nino Nardini - LPC 960-963 LPC 960-963 12
mp3, CD
1968 Chappell
19 Nino Nardini - Retro Collection 1 Retro Collection 1 26
mp3, CD
2001 Mondiophone

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