John Cage

John Milton Cage Jr.

Also known as Cage, Джон Кейдж, J. Cage, J. Cage (1912-1992)

Short biography of John Cage: John Cage was born in Los Angeles (5 September 1912) and died in New York (12 August 1992).
He left Pomona College early to travel in Europe (1930-31), then studied with Cowell in New York (1933-4) and Schönberg in Los Angeles (1934): his first published compositions, in a rigorous atonal system of his own, date from this period.
In 1937 he moved to Seattle to work as a dance accompanist, and there in 1938 he founded a percussion orchestra; his music now concerned with filling units of time with ostinatos (First Construction in Metal, 1939).
He also began to use electronic devices (variable-speed turntables in Imaginary Landscape n.1, 1939) and invented the 'prepared piano', which involves placing a variety of objects between the strings of a grand piano in order to create an effective percussion orchestra under the control of two hands.
He moved to San Francisco in 1939, to Chicago in 1941 and back to New York in 1942, all the time writing music for dance companies (notably for Merce Cunningham), nearly always for prepared piano or percussion ensemble.
There were also major concert works for the new instrument: A Book of Music (1944) and Three Dances (1945) for two prepared pianos, and the Sonatas and Interludes (1948) for one.
During this period Cage became interested in Eastern philosophies, especially in Zen.
Working to remove creative choice from composition, he used coin tosses to determine events (Music of Changes for piano, 1951), wrote for 12 radios (Imaginary Landscape n.4, also 1951) and introduced other indeterminate techniques.
His 4'33" (1952) has no composed sound -- only that of the environment in which it is performed; the Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958) is an encyclopedia of indeterminate notations.
Yet other works show his growing interest in the theatre of musical performance (Water Music, 1952, for pianist with a variety of non-standard equipment) and in electronics (Imaginary Landscape n.5 for randomly mixed recordings, 1952; Cartridge Music for small sounds amplified in live performance, 1960), culminating in various large-scale events staged as jamborees of haphazardness (HPSCHD for harpsichords, tapes etc, 1969).
The later output is various, including indeterminate works, others fully notated within a very limited range of material, and pieces for natural resources (plants, shells).
Cage also appeared widely in Europe and the USA as a lecturer and performer, having an enormous influence on younger musicians and artists.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 The 25-Year Retrospective Concert Of The Music Of John Cage 9
mp3, CD
1994 WERGO
2 Electronic Music 3
mp3, CD
1967 Turnabout
3 Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano 19
mp3, CD
1999 Naxos
4 Circles / Frammento / Aria With Fontana Mix 3
mp3, CD
1962 Time Records (3)
5 Circles / Frammento / Aria With Fontana Mix 3
mp3, CD
1970 Mainstream Records
6 Sonatas And Interludes 19
mp3, CD
1997 Fylkingen Records
7 Three Dances & Four Organs 6
mp3, CD
1973 Angel Records
8 Music Of Changes 4
mp3, CD
1982 WERGO
9 Etudes Australes For Piano 20
mp3, CD
1979 Ariola
10 Live 4
mp3, CD
1976 WERGO
11 Sonates Et Interludes Pour Piano Préparé (1946-48) 20
mp3, CD
1980 Harmonia Mundi
12 Music For Keyboard 1935 - 1948 12
mp3, CD
1970 Columbia Masterworks
13 Mr. John Cage's Prepared Piano 20
mp3, CD
1975 Decca
14 Nocturne - Six Melodies - Amores - A Valentine Out Of Season - Music For Marcel Duchamp 16
mp3, CD
1980 Philips
15 Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music / 103 4
mp3, CD
2000 Asphodel
16 Credo In US 2
mp3, CD
2001 Dolor Del Estamago
17 Voices And Instruments 8
mp3, CD
18 The Perilous Night / Four Walls 23
mp3, CD
1991 New Albion
19 Works For Piano & Prepared Piano (1943-1952) 18
mp3, CD
1986 WERGO
20 Works For Piano & Prepared Piano • Vol. I (1943-1952) 16
mp3, CD
1988 WERGO
21 Works For Percussion 7
mp3, CD
22 John Cage 5
mp3, CD
1974 Cramps Records
23 Sonatas And Interludes Vol. 1 10
mp3, CD
1966 Fylkingen Records
24 Sonatas And Interludes Vol. 2 9
mp3, CD
1966 Fylkingen Records
mp3, CD
2003 Electronic Music Foundation
26 Three Constructions 5
mp3, CD
1989 Tomato
27 In A Landscape 8
mp3, CD
1995-01-10 Catalyst
28 Musique Electronique Nouvelle: Variations II / Trois Visages De Liège / Ensembles For Synthesizer 6
mp3, CD
29 Music For Prepared Piano 19
mp3, CD
2001 Naxos
30 Cifre · Four Systems · Cartridge Music 4
mp3, CD
1989 Edition RZ
31 John Cage Meets Sun Ra 2
mp3, CD
1987 Meltdown Records (3)
32 String Quartets 11
mp3, CD
Deutsche Grammophon
33 Three Constructions 5
mp3, CD
1989 Tomato
34 Works For Piano & Prepared Piano · Vol. IV 10
mp3, CD
35 Complete Piano Music Vol. 1 - The Prepared Piano 1940-1952 48
mp3, CD
1997 Musikproduktion Dabringhaus Und Grimm

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