Daniel Técoult

Also known as D.J. Radium, DJ Radium, DJ. Radium, DJRadium

Short biography of Radium: Hardcore Techno producer and DJ from France.

In 1993 Daniel Tecoult started producing extreme electronic music with a friend from school. In 1994 they decide to give their project a name and [a=Micropoint] is born. Also Daniel starts a solo-DJ career as [a=Radium].

The first [a=Micropoint] vinyls are released on [l=B.E.A.S.T. Records] and [l=Epiteth Rec.] in 1995.

1996, [a=Radium] starts Audiogenic and his first own label called [l=Psychik Genocide] and with 2 other producers from Paris, [a=Micropoint] starts [l=Dead End Records].

In 1999 [a=Laurent Hô], owner of [l=Epiteth Records], decides to release a [a=Micropoint] CD Album called [r=41547]. Due to the huge success of this album [a=Micropoint] and [a=Radium] are booked at many big French events as [b]Boréalis[/b], [b]Heliocolors[/b], [b]Astropolis[/b], the final of [b]Paris' Techno Parade[/b] in 1999 and in famous clubs like [b]Rex[/b] and [b]Arapaho[/b].

[a=Micropoint] and [a=Radium] also get the chance to release records on other labels like the German [l=Super Special Corp.] and [l=Shockwave Recordings (DE)], the French [l=Xunk] the Italian [l=Head Fuck Records], the Dutch [l=Cunt Records] and also [l=Deathchant] and [l=Rebelscum] from the UK.

In 2000, after [a=Radium] releases the Mix-CD [r=117511], [a=Micropoint] releases their second album [r=23569] which includes guest artists as [a=E.HB] (singer of the French alternative band [a=LTNO]), [b]DID.S[/b] (drummer of rock band [a=Treponem Pal]) and [a=Manu Le Malin].
They tour all french concert halls with a new show including a drummer and a MC.

Radium also plays outside of France: Switzerland (Odissey), Italy (Hardcore Nation), UK (North), Germany (FuckParade & Resident E), USA (Millenial Dawn).

After [a=Micropoint] splitt up at the end of 2001, [a=Radium] returns with a brand new album: [r=67238],
with different sides of his hardcore sound.
This album get's followed up soon with another album called [r=238272] which is also released on 2 vinyls. This album means the real breakthrough for [a=Radium] in Holland.
He even get's bookings for several editions of Hellbound in Amsterdam (Holland).

In 2003 [a=Radium] decides it's time for a new label for his "less industrial" sounding tracks. He starts the label [l=Arena] and a new project as [a=Nihilist, The], which turns out to be a success.

Also on the Web you may find Radium by links below:
  1. http://www.audiogenic.fr/
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_T%C3%A9coult
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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Radium - Full Metal E.P. Full Metal E.P. 4
mp3, CD
1998-00-00 Epiteth Rec.
2 Radium - Ministry Of Mass Domination E.P. Ministry Of Mass Domination E.P. 4
mp3, CD
1997 Psychik Genocide
3 Radium - Vice Machine EP Vice Machine EP 4
mp3, CD
2000 Psychik Genocide
4 Radium - Easy Money Easy Money 4
mp3, CD
1998-00-00 Dead End Records
5 Radium - Mythoman EP Mythoman EP 4
mp3, CD
2000-00-00 Dead End Records
6 Radium - Paranoia Performance Paranoia Performance 13
mp3, CD
2001 Psychik Genocide
7 Radium - Private Life EP Private Life EP 6
mp3, CD
1998 Psychik Genocide
8 Radium - Scum Centre Scum Centre 4
mp3, CD
1999 Rebelscum
9 Radium - Secret Society Secret Society 4
mp3, CD
2000-00-00 Cunt Records
10 Radium - Inhuman Inhuman 34
mp3, CD
2000 Human
11 Radium - Brain Police EP Brain Police EP 3
mp3, CD
2003 Xunk
12 Radium - Detox / Motordog Bytes Back Detox / Motordog Bytes Back 2
mp3, CD
2003 Deathchant
13 Radium - Paranoia Performance Paranoia Performance 12
mp3, CD
2001 Psychik Genocide
14 Radium - 5000 Years Time Slide 5000 Years Time Slide 3
mp3, CD
2003-03-00 Shockwave Recordings
15 Radium - Body Disorder Body Disorder 3
mp3, CD
1998 Epileptik Productions
16 Radium - Abject Ego EP Abject Ego EP 4
mp3, CD
2002 Neurotoxic
17 Radium - Turn Up The Volume Turn Up The Volume 4
mp3, CD
1999 Tcher No Beat
18 Radium - Playmobils Remixes Playmobils Remixes 4
mp3, CD
2003 Psychik Genocide
19 Radium - Untitled Untitled 4
mp3, CD
1997 Slaves Of Devil Our Master
20 Radium - Untitled Untitled 3
mp3, CD
2001 Karnage Records
21 Radium - Paranoia Performance Remixes Paranoia Performance Remixes 4
mp3, CD
2003-10-21 Psychik Genocide
22 Radium - Inextremist Vol. 2 Inextremist Vol. 2 7
mp3, CD
2003 Psychik Genocide
23 Radium - Inextremist Vol. 1 Inextremist Vol. 1 8
mp3, CD
24 Radium - In Extremist In Extremist 16
mp3, CD
25 Radium - Disconnect Me (Remixes) Disconnect Me (Remixes) 3
mp3, CD
2004-03-00 Psychik Genocide
26 Radium - Steel-Finger Remixes Steel-Finger Remixes 3
mp3, CD
27 Radium - Ersatz EP Ersatz EP 2
mp3, CD
2004-05-00 Arena
28 Radium - LiveXtrax LiveXtrax 3
mp3, CD
2004-07-00 Psychik Genocide
29 Radium - Untitled Untitled 4
mp3, CD
30 Radium - Goodbye ET Goodbye ET 3
mp3, CD
2004-10-00 Arena
31 Radium - Headbanger Boogie Headbanger Boogie 4
mp3, CD
2005-03-24 Psychik Genocide
32 Radium - Breakbit Gangster Breakbit Gangster 2
mp3, CD
2005-04-01 Randy 909 % Records
33 Radium - Noise Brûlée Noise Brûlée 12
mp3, CD
2005 Psychik Genocide
34 Radium - Undisputed Truth Undisputed Truth 4
mp3, CD
2005 Neurotoxic
35 Radium - Real Big Real Big 3
mp3, CD
2005-06-00 Psychik Genocide

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