Vincent Geminiani

Vincent Gemignani

Also known as V. Geminiani, Vincent Gémignani, Vincent Gemignani

Short biography of Vincent Geminiani: Born in Paris in 1939 to a sculptor (his father) and a musician (his mother), Vincent GEMIGNANI was attracted at an early age by both these artistic disciplines. Discouraged from sculpting by his father, he studied at the PARIS Conservatoire Superieur de Musique and began a career as a composer and performer. In 1959, he formed the 'Percussions de PARIS' ensemble with which he toured Europe and the rest of the world until the1980s. However, being skilled with his hands, sculpture remained an essential part of his development on the same level as music. Moreover, he took advantage of his doubly inherited talents to invent a variety of percussion instruments, giving freedom to his inspiration for plastic arts.
In particular he invented the Bronte (thunder in Greek), which is an extraordinary musical instrument made of nickel silver, which has metal keyboards amplified by a resonator. Played with a bow or with hammers, this 'sound sculpture' can produce a wide array of sounds (spreading from the absolute deepest to the very highest) in totally original colours and uncommonly sensual keys which are both profound and mysterious. Many composers have shown interest in the Bronte and given it significant parts in their works. It is used for example in contemporary works such as: 'L'éloge de la folie', 'Nana' by M.CONSTANT, 'Concordances' and 'Erzebeth' by C. CHAYNES, 'Interferences' by J. CASTERED, and also in the soundtracks of films by C. BOLLING, V.COSMA, M. LEGRAND, Y. PRIN.

The Bronte is also used in Vincent GEMIGNANI's works, especially those grouped under the title 'L'Oiseau sans pied'. These were written for the Comédie Française for performances of the French adaptation of SHAKESPEARE's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at the first CHATEAUVALLON theatre festival in 1970, under the direction of J. GILBERT.
This session was interpreted with the help of of the best french musicians and was recorded on vinyl. Having become a classic through its depth and authenticity, the music on this record is now of great interest to amateur musicians throughout the world. This is certainly due to its incredible originality. It combines two distinct branches of musical expression: contemporary music and pop, in a way never before heard. The rich harmonies, the subtle symbiosis of electric and acoustic music, as well as the meticulous arrangements also contribute to this record's unique character and exceptional influence, still intact 30 years after.

Gemignani also collaborated with pianist Michel Colombier as percussionist on the album Wings (1971).

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Vincent Geminiani - Musique Pour Un Voyage Extraordinaire Musique Pour Un Voyage Extraordinaire 11
mp3, CD
1972 Musique Pour L'Image
2 Vincent Geminiani - Modern Pop Percussion Modern Pop Percussion 11
mp3, CD
2002 L'Arôme Productions
3 Vincent Geminiani - Tic-Splasch / Ophis Le Serpentaire Tic-Splasch / Ophis Le Serpentaire 2
mp3, CD
2000 Jazzman
4 Vincent Geminiani - Modern Pop Percussion Modern Pop Percussion 10
mp3, CD
1970 Concert Hall
5 Vincent Geminiani - L'Oeil Ecoute - Les Instruments De Percussions L'Oeil Ecoute - Les Instruments De Percussions 5
mp3, CD
1976 Music For Pleasure

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