Gabba Front Berlin

Steffen Reinecke (Roose), Ralf Schwarzenberger (Mad / Axel Asher) & Stephan Seidel (Dago)

Also known as Gabba-Front-Berlin, GFB

Short biography of Gabba Front Berlin: Gabba Front Berlin was founded in 1994, when some guys and girls regulary went to gabba-parties at the famous club "Bunker" in Berlin. Initially a crew of party people, in 1996 two of them - [a808361] and [a858606] - started to produce harder music under this name too and established a production team and live-act, which was joined by [a858610] in 1997. The project is best known for speedcore and industrial hardcore.

GFB have played live across Europe at events such as Fuckparade, Speedrazor, Raving Nightmare, Nordcore, Resident-E, Tresor.core, Hell or Heaven, Klangkrieg and Mayday.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Gabba Front Berlin - One In Seven One In Seven 7
mp3, CD
2001 Brain Distortion
2 Gabba Front Berlin - Terror On Earth Terror On Earth 7
mp3, CD
1997-09-27 Maximum Speakertrash
3 Gabba Front Berlin - Project: Enigma Project: Enigma 4
mp3, CD
2006-04-14 Darkera
4 Gabba Front Berlin - Emoticons Stole My Face Emoticons Stole My Face 6
mp3, CD
2006-10-23 Noistorm
5 Gabba Front Berlin - The Berserk : Reloaded The Berserk : Reloaded 4
mp3, CD
2007-04-21 Enyokern
6 Gabba Front Berlin - We Have Explosive We Have Explosive 6
mp3, CD
7 Gabba Front Berlin - 50th Floor 50th Floor 6
mp3, CD
2008-05-00 Restroom Records
8 Gabba Front Berlin - .Evolution .Evolution 6
mp3, CD
2009-05-00 Militia
9 Gabba Front Berlin - Shadow Rays Shadow Rays 6
mp3, CD
2009-11-02 Restroom Records
10 Gabba Front Berlin - Project: Enigma Project: Enigma 4
mp3, CD
2008-10-16 Darkera
11 Gabba Front Berlin - .Evolution .Evolution 6
mp3, CD
2009-05-00 Militia
12 Gabba Front Berlin - GFB Mix 001 / Fuckparade '99 GFB Mix 001 / Fuckparade '99 2
mp3, CD
1999-00-00 United Speedcore Nation
13 Gabba Front Berlin - Holy Quarantine Holy Quarantine 2
mp3, CD
1999-00-00 Not On Label (GFB Self-released)
14 Gabba Front Berlin - SKK Devil SKK Devil 2
mp3, CD
2001-11-00 Not On Label (GFB Self-released)
15 Gabba Front Berlin - X-Mass '99 Megamix X-Mass '99 Megamix 3
mp3, CD
2000-00-00 Not On Label (GFB Self-released)

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