Soft Ballet

Fuji Maki, Ken Morioka and Ryoichi Endo.

Also known as ソフト バレエ, ソフトバレエ, ソフト・バレエ, Softballet, Softballetforms

Short biography of Soft Ballet: Stated as an influence by musicians such as RYONAI (Blam Honey), Hora (ex-Schwarz Stein, Another Cell, solo), Pride of Mind and Velvet Eden, electro-industrial/Synth Pop band Soft Ballet formed in 1986 consisting of three members, Ryoichi Endo, Ken Morioka and Maki Fujii. It wasn’t until September 1989, however, that they made their major debut on ALFA RECORDS and released their first album "Earth Born". This was then followed by the albums "Document" in 1990 and "Ai to heiwa" in 1991.
Soft Ballet released their first 5 singles, 3 albums and 4 videos through ALFA, before changing to Victor in 1992. The first album to be released through Victor was "Million Mirrors" in October of 1992 and after that, "Incubate" was released in 1993.
In 1994 Ken Morioka released his first solo album titled "Questions", but also remained active with Soft Ballet, including a live with Luna Sea and Buck-Tick that year called "LSB". Maki Fujii was also in a side project called "Schaft" with Imai from Buck-Tick and Raymond Watts from PIG at this time.
The band announced that they were to disband at a live in NHK Hall in April 1995. Despite the sudden announcement of their disbanding, Soft Ballet released the album "Form" in April 1995 and continued with the tour, but ceased all activities after their final live in July of that year. "The Ultimate Best of Soft Ballet" was then released in September 1995.
Although Soft Ballet had disbanded, they did reissue their 1990 album "3 [drai]" 1996 adding 3 bonus tracks (called "3 [drai] + 3"). Their official status, however, remained inactive. Ken Morioka continued with his solo project, Ryoichi Endo also worked on his own solo project "Ends" and Maki Fujii started the band She Shell.
In August 2002 Soft Ballet re-formed and played at Summer Sonic and released their first album for 6 years entitled "Symbiont". They then released another album "Menopause" in October 2003 before finally disbanding again in December.
After that two "best of" albums were released. The members are currently continuing writing and performing music with their respective solo projects.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Forms: Remix For Ordinary People 6 mp3, CD 1995 SSR Records
2 Soft Ballet - Forms Forms 5 mp3, CD 1995 SSR Records
3 Twist And Turn 13 mp3, CD 1996-09-27 Alfa Records, Inc
4 Soft Ballet - Document Document 10 mp3, CD 1990-04-25 Alfa Records, Inc
5 Soft Ballet - Earth Born Earth Born 10 mp3, CD 1989-09-25 Alfa Records, Inc
6 Soft Ballet - Form Form 9 mp3, CD 1995-04-21 XEO Invitation
7 Soft Ballet - Alter Ego Alter Ego 12 mp3, CD 1992-12-21 Alfa Records, Inc
8 Soft Ballet - Symbiont Symbiont 11 mp3, CD 2002-10-23 EastWest Japan
9 Soft Ballet - Bright My Way Bright My Way 4 mp3, CD 2003-03-26 EastWest Japan
10 Soft Ballet - Smashing The Sun Smashing The Sun 3 mp3, CD 2003-09-25 Warner Music Japan
11 Soft Ballet - Merchendiver Merchendiver 4 mp3, CD 2002-10-09 EastWest Japan
12 Soft Ballet - Threshold Threshold 2 mp3, CD 1993-02-22 Blue August Records
13 Forms: Remix For Ordinary People 6 mp3, CD 1995-06-28 XEO Invitation
14 Soft Ballet - The Ultimate Best Of Soft Ballet The Ultimate Best Of Soft Ballet 24 mp3, CD 1995-09-27 XEO Invitation
15 Soft Ballet - Menopause Menopause 20 mp3, CD 2003-10-29 Warner Music Japan
16 Soft Ballet - Incubate Incubate 11 mp3, CD 1993-11-26 XEO Invitation
17 Soft Ballet - 3 (Drai) + 3 3 (Drai) + 3 9 mp3, CD 1996-12-21 Alfa Records, Inc
18 Soft Ballet - 3 [Drai] 3 [Drai] 6 mp3, CD 1990-11-28 Alfa Records, Inc
19 Soft Ballet - You You 2 mp3, CD 1995-04-21 XEO Invitation
20 Soft Ballet - Single Collection ’89 -’91 Single Collection ’89 -’91 12 mp3, CD 1993-06-21 Alfa Records, Inc
21 Soft Ballet - White Shaman White Shaman 2 mp3, CD 1993-10-06 XEO Invitation
22 Soft Ballet - Engaging Universe Engaging Universe 2 mp3, CD 1993-03-24 XEO Invitation
23 Soft Ballet - Escape-Rebuild Escape-Rebuild 3 mp3, CD 1990-08-10 Alfa Records, Inc
24 Ego Dance 3 mp3, CD 1991-04-21 Alfa Records, Inc
25 Soft Ballet - 愛と平和 愛と平和 13 mp3, CD 1991-05-21
26 Soft Ballet - Reiz [Raits] -Live At NHK Hall- Reiz [Raits] -Live At NHK Hall- 12 mp3, CD 1992-08-21 Alfa Records, Inc
27 Soft Ballet - Final - 7 Inch Mix Final - 7 Inch Mix 2 mp3, CD 1991-07-21 Alfa Records, Inc
28 Body To Body 3 mp3, CD 1989-09-25 Alfa Records, Inc
29 Soft Ballet - Twins: Super Best Of Soft Ballet Twins: Super Best Of Soft Ballet 28 mp3, CD 1996-08-28
30 Soft Ballet - Soft Ballet 1992-1995 The Best + 8 Other Mixes Soft Ballet 1992-1995 The Best + 8 Other Mixes 20 mp3, CD 2003-12-03 Happy House (4)
31 Soft Ballet - Soft Ballet 1989-1991 The Best Soft Ballet 1989-1991 The Best 16 mp3, CD 2003-12-03 Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.
32 Reiz [Raits] 11 mp3, CD 1992-06-21 Alfa Records, Inc
33 Soft Ballet 1989-1991 The Best 21 mp3, CD 2003-12-03 Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.
34 Soft Ballet - Twist Of Love Twist Of Love 2 mp3, CD 1990-03-00 Alfa Records, Inc
35 Index - Soft Ballet 89/95 152 mp3, CD 2009-10-28 Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.

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