Klaus Schulze

Also known as Claus Schultze, Claus Schulze, K. S., K. Schulze, K.Schulze, Klaus, Klaus Quadro Schulze, Klaus S., Klaus Schultz, Klaus Schultze, Klaus Shultz, Klaus Shulze, Klaus-Jürgen Schulze, Klause Schulze, KS, Schultze, Schulze

Short biography of Klaus Schulze: Born in 1947, Schulze initially made his mark as a drummer, first with the group Psy Free, later with Tangerine Dream (he played on their first album "Electronic Meditation" before he quit) and Ash Ra Tempel (with Manuel Göttsching). In 1971 Schulze started a solo career as an electronic musician and released a couple of heavily experimental albums, "Irrlicht" and "Cyborg". 1974's "Blackdance" was the first release where he used a "real" synthesizer, and later in the 70's he would record albums as "Moondawn", "Mirage" and "X" and embark on several tours, documented across a number of live albums.

In 1978 he set up the label IC (Innovative Communications), and the following year he also launched the pseudonym/project Richard Wahnfried. In the 1980's Schulze continued his hectic release schedule as well as recording several soundtracks and rebuilding his studio (he "went digital" in 1986), and whereas IC was shut down in 1983, the label Inteam was established the following year.

In the 1990's Schulze recorded several electronic interpretations of works by classical composers (most notably Wagner) as well as collaborating with opera singers and other classical music performers on his own albums. He also started collaborating with German ambient/techno artist Pete Namlook in the series "The Dark Side Of The Moog" on the latter's Fax label, and steered the Wahnfried project into a more modern techno- and trance-inspired direction.

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# Album cover Album title Tracks amount Download album in mp3? Official release date Production label
1 Klaus Schulze - Dune Dune 2 mp3, CD 1988 Brain
2 Blackdance 3 mp3, CD Brain
3 Timewind 2 mp3, CD 1991-00-00 Brain
4 Klaus Schulze - Body Love Vol. 2 Body Love Vol. 2 3 mp3, CD 1977 Island Records
5 Klaus Schulze - Audentity Audentity 4 mp3, CD 1983-02-01
6 Dune 2 mp3, CD 1979 Metronome
7 ...Live... 4 mp3, CD 1980 Brain
8 Mirage 2 mp3, CD 1977-04-00 Island Records
9 Moondawn 2 mp3, CD 1976-04-16
10 X 6 mp3, CD 1978 Ariola
11 Klaus Schulze - Are You Sequenced? Are You Sequenced? 20 mp3, CD 1996-09-27 Eye Of The Storm
12 Timewind 2 mp3, CD 1975-08-00 Virgin
13 Klaus Schulze - Cyborg Cyborg 4 mp3, CD 1975
14 Irrlicht 3 mp3, CD 1975
15 Klaus Schulze - The Dome Event The Dome Event 17 mp3, CD 1993
16 Klaus Schulze - Timewind Timewind 2 mp3, CD 1975-08-00
17 Klaus Schulze - Mindphaser Mindphaser 4 mp3, CD 1981-00-00 Brain
18 Klaus Schulze - "X" 7 mp3, CD 1978-09-00
19 Klaus Schulze - Mirage Mirage 14 mp3, CD 1977
20 Klaus Schulze - Picture Music Picture Music 2 mp3, CD 1979 Brain
21 Blackdance 3 mp3, CD 1974
22 Klaus Schulze - Elektronik-Impressionen Elektronik-Impressionen 4 mp3, CD 1982 AMIGA
23 Klaus Schulze - Blackdance Blackdance 3 mp3, CD 1974 Caroline
24 Klaus Schulze - Dig It Dig It 4 mp3, CD 1980-10-31 Brain
25 Klaus Schulze - Moogetique Moogetique 3 mp3, CD 1977
26 Klaus Schulze - Dune Dune 2 mp3, CD 1979 Brain
27 Klaus Schulze - Trancefer Trancefer 2 mp3, CD 1981-10-01
28 Klaus Schulze - Mirage Mirage 14 mp3, CD 1977
29 Klaus Schulze - Angst Angst 5 mp3, CD 1984 Inteam GmbH
30 Body Love 3 mp3, CD 1977 Brain
31 Klaus Schulze - "X". 6 mp3, CD 1991 Brain
32 Klaus Schulze - Moondawn Moondawn 3 mp3, CD 1995 Manikin
33 Klaus Schulze - ...Live... ...Live... 4 mp3, CD 1995 Manikin
34 Klaus Schulze - Dziękuję Poland Live '83 Dziękuję Poland Live '83 5 mp3, CD 1983 Innovative Communication
35 Klaus Schulze - Body Love Body Love 3 mp3, CD 1991 Thunderbolt

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